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Half Bak'd Sauce'd Collection 4G Disposables

Half Bak'd Sauce'd Collection 4G Disposables

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Half Bak'd

Half Bak'd Sauce'd Collection 4G Disposables

Raspberry Cough (Sativa)-

Explore Raspberry Cough - The Uplifting Sativa Hybrid

Indulge in an energizing experience with Raspberry Cough, a sativa dominant hybrid that blends Cambodian Landrace and ICE strains. With our convenient disposables, the vibrant world of Raspberry Cough is just a puff away.

Strain Information:

  • Dominance: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
  • Genetics: Cambodian Landrace X ICE

Experience Raspberry Cough:

  • Immediate Clarity: Dive into a clear-headed cerebral high that sparks a rush of energy, enhancing your focus and motivation.
  • Gentle Lung Expansion: This strain won't leave you coughing; instead, it soothes with a lung-expanding sensation.
  • Balanced High: A mild, warming body high keeps you anchored, ensuring relaxation and tranquility while maintaining alertness and functionality.

Flavor and Aroma:

  • Aromatic Delight: Raspberry Cough teases your senses with a sweet and earthy raspberry aroma, coupled with subtle nutty undertones.
  • Savory Sweetness: The taste mirrors sweet raspberries with a surprisingly savory twist, complemented by nutty and earthy notes.

Immerse yourself in the uplifting world of Raspberry Cough with our convenient disposables. Discover the perfect balance of mental clarity and relaxation for an all-around enjoyable experience.

Raspberry Cough Labs

Sour Sangria (Sativa)-

Discover Sour Sangria - The Award-Winning Sativa

Elevate your experience with Sour Sangria, an award-winning sativa strain designed for those who appreciate a sophisticated flavor profile and a well-balanced high. Our convenient disposables bring the delightful world of Sour Sangria to your fingertips.

Strain Information:

  • Type: Sativa
  • Genetics: Yuzu Mac X Pandora

Experience Sour Sangria:

  • Flavor Sensation: Embark on a sensory journey with a sweet, sour, and citrus-forward aroma that carries through to an invigorating inhale.
  • Bold Exhalation: Notes of floral, earthy, and peppery undertones create a bold and satisfying exhalation.
  • Balanced High: Sour Sangria offers both calming and reflective qualities while keeping the mind sharp, focused, and fully engaged with its uplifting nature.

Immerse yourself in the world of Sour Sangria through our convenient disposables. Whether you seek a moment of reflection or a boost in focus, this award-winning sativa will elevate your senses and keep you engaged.

Sour Sangria Labs

Holy Moly (Hybrid)-

convenient disposables bring the world of Holy Moly to your fingertips.

Strain Information:

  • Type: Balanced Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa)
  • Genetics: Captain's OG X Cookies Glue

Experience Holy Moly:

  • Flavor Sensation: Holy Moly delights your taste buds with a sweet lemon and diesel flavor, complemented by subtle nutty notes on each exhale.
  • Slow-Building High: The Holy Moly high is a creeper, gradually intensifying a few minutes after consumption, resulting in a cerebral stone that leads to a state of contented haziness.
  • Full-Body Relaxation: This relaxing state encompasses your body from head to toe, culminating in a stoney body high that leaves you feeling sedated and comfortably couch-locked.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary Holy Moly strain through our convenient disposables. Whether you seek a unique flavor experience or desire full-bodied effects, Holy Moly is here to elevate your senses.

Holy Moly Labs

Ube Cream (Indica)-

Ube Crème: A Vivid Indica Delight

Discover the world of Ube Crème, a captivating Indica strain crafted from a blend of Affogato and Grape Cuvee. Experience its distinctive aroma and flavor profile in a convenient disposable form.

Strain Profile:

  • Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Aroma and Flavor Experience:

  • Subtle Fruity Undertones: Ube Crème features subtle fruit undertones, which become more pronounced when ground.
  • Aroma: The strain emits a heavy, musky, and herbal aroma.
  • Flavorful Inhale: Warming spices take the lead with every draw, followed by bold cacao notes and a delicate nuttiness.
  • Buttery Exhale: Ube Crème concludes with a faintly sweet, buttery exhale, leaving hints of vanilla lingering in the air.


  • Rapid Euphoria: Experience a swift and intense euphoria that is mentally stimulating.
  • Mellow Body High: Ube Crème offers a well-rounded, mellow body high, creating a comforting experience suitable for unwinding in the evening.

Indulge in Ube Crème's exquisite flavor and harmonious effects with our disposable options, providing a convenient and pleasurable way to enjoy this strain.

Ube Cream Labs

This product is in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill and contains <.3% Δ9THC.

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What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a newer analog of the delta 9 compound.

The molecules of Delta 8 are built similarly to Delta 9, but the arrangement of their atomic bonds is different, which causes them to have different properties.

In recent months, delta 8 THC has made headlines in the industry as a sort of “legal high.” It has also been dubbed “diet weed” or “cannabis light” due to it's percieved less potent cognitive effects.

The strength of delta 8 THC is about half as high as the one of delta 9. The compound is also less likely to cause anxiety and paranoia — the two side effects of taking too high doses of regular thc.

Delta 8 THC comes in many forms, just like CBD and delta 9 THC. You can find it in tinctures, vapes, gummies, capsules, concentrates, distillates, and even pre-rolls..

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