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HiBear Liquid Diamonds THCa + D9 + THCp - 2.5G Disposable #hot

HiBear Liquid Diamonds THCa + D9 + THCp - 2.5G Disposable #hot

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HiBear Liquid Diamonds THC-A +D9 +THC-P 2.5G Disposable

Experience delicious and mesmerizing high quality liquid diamonds THCa, Delta 9 and THCp blend, with top tier strains from HiBear.

Experience the pinnacle of refinement with Hibear Liquid Diamonds Disposable 2.5g. Crafted with precision, each puff delivers unmatched purity, boasting a high concentration of THCa, Δ9, and THC-P for potent, long-lasting effects. Convenient, sleek, and discreet, elevate your vaping experience with Liquid Diamonds wherever you go.

  • Rechargeable 
  • 2.5 gram
  • Pre-heat function
  • Potent blend of THCa, D9,THCp
HiBear 2.5 gram disposable vapes combine liquid diamonds and potent cannabinoids to deliver a euphoric entourage effect. With a sleek design that eliminates metal substances in the oil chamber to reduce the risk of heavy metal exposure, our disposables feature button activation and a dual air pathway to prevent clogging and ensure consistent, powerful hits with large clouds.


We own and or operate every level of our company – from raw materials, to production, and distribution. This means we have the highest level of control over see every step of our process.

Third Party Lab Tested

100% Federally Legal

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

Made In The USA

No Heavy Metals


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This product is in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill and contains <.3% Δ9THC.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great disposable

Hits you very fast, and tastes excellent. I definitely get less coughing from this than some other blends, very smooth. I had Blue Raspberry Peach. Great flavor! Thanks for the recommendation!

Excellent juice, good device.

I've been getting these for a few weeks and being kind of OG, gotta tell you, these are a lick at this price. There are very few other devices that can hit like this at this price point. The flavors are EXCELLENT and the effects are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Do yourself a favor and get on these.


I hit it once I was faded.

Scott W.
Tasty, heady

Great blend of juice probably the best for the price

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What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a newer analog of the delta 9 compound.

The molecules of Delta 8 are built similarly to Delta 9, but the arrangement of their atomic bonds is different, which causes them to have different properties.

In recent months, delta 8 THC has made headlines in the industry as a sort of “legal high.” It has also been dubbed “diet weed” or “cannabis light” due to it's percieved less potent cognitive effects.

The strength of delta 8 THC is about half as high as the one of delta 9. The compound is also less likely to cause anxiety and paranoia — the two side effects of taking too high doses of regular thc.

Delta 8 THC comes in many forms, just like CBD and delta 9 THC. You can find it in tinctures, vapes, gummies, capsules, concentrates, distillates, and even pre-rolls..

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