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Elevate Your Cannabinoid Experience With Delta Extrax And More

Sky High is your premier destination for an array of premium cannabinoid products. We pride ourselves on providing top-shelf cannabinoid vapes and edibles that legally scratch your cannabis itch.

Exquisite Vaping and Edible Experiences

Step into a new realm of vaping with our cannabinoid vape collection. We carry vapes from the most reputable sellers in the market. We work with industry leaders like Looper Vape, Torch, Half Bak'd, and Galaxy Treats to bring you high quality vapes with a blend of cannabinoids including THC-P, Delta 8 THC, and other legal cannabinoids. Our Looper Disposables are loaded with high-quality cannabinoids like THC-P, and THC-JD. 

All vapes we carry contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC derived from hemp, making them federally legal under the 2018 farm bill. Your state laws may vary, so please check if the cannabinoids in our blends are legal before placing an order! 

For those with a sweet tooth, our Torch Gummies and Extrax Adios Gummies 7000 We also carry Half Bak'd Sumo Gummies, and many more! Check out our edibles here

Unmatched Potency and Quality

We have a wide range of professionally sourced cannabinoid products. Whether you’re looking for THCA Edibles or a THC JD vape, we have an easy to navigate digital storefront that makes it easy to find the cannabinoids you want, in all their various forms. 

At Sky High, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality cannabinoid products. For more information contact us today.

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  • Where Do You Ship?

    We ship only to states where Delta 8 and hemp products are legal. Unfortunately we have several states blocked for shipping and you may encounter that if your place an order from one of those states.

  • How Old Must I Be to Purchase Your Products?

    21. No exceptions. Yeah, we know laws are different in different places, but we are committed to providing a trustworthy place for adults to enjoy legal hemp.

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You've got questions, we've got answers.


What are the most popular brands you have?

HiBear, Looper Prerolls and Disposables, and anything Torch are some of the the brands that we can't seem to keep on the shelves! According to our fans, you can't go wrong with any of these!

What is a cart?

In the realm of hemp and cannabis, a "cart" is slang for a cartridge. These cartridges are small units that can be either refillable or disposable and contain a pre-filled concentration of hemp-derived oil. This oil can hold various cannabinoids, like CBD, among others, depending on the specific product.

To use a cart, you attach it to a compatible vape pen or battery. This device heats the oil, creating vapor for you to inhale. Always remember, it's crucial to understand the contents and potency of any vape cartridge, as well as the legality in your area, before use.

What is Delta 10?

Delta-10 is a cannabinoid found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant. Like regular delta 9, it can get you high, but it is less potent than delta-9. This makes it similar to delta 8, another cannabinoid that is less potent than regular delta 9. 

According to Roger Brown, president and CEO of ACS Laboratory, a lab that tests hemp-derived products from 48 states, “Delta-8 was very popular and had really taken off, and now delta-10 has taken off as well, and we’re seeing it in a significant amount of products that are being tested.”

Delta-10 is commonly processed from hemp-derived CBD, as is delta-8. Because hemp is legal all over the US (more on that below), delta-10 is considered legal in all 50 states. However, as with delta-8, certain states have outlawed delta-10 on their own. 

The cannabinoid is usually available in vape carts, gummies, or other edibles, and can be mailed to certain states.

What is HXY-11 THC?

When you eat a product containing THC, your liver will process the THC and convert it into 11-hydroxy-THC. 11-hydroxy-THC (11-OH-THC) is the main active metabolite of THC.

11-hydroxy THC has a an effect similar to Delta 9 but has a slower onset when, it also lasts much longer so make sure you are prepared to feel the effects for a while!

What is THC-A

Alright, let's talk THC-A, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid if you want to get technical. This stuff is actually the raw, unheated version of hemp THC, the compound that gives you well-known effects.

Here's the cool part - THC-A is found in fresh, live, or dried cannabis but it doesn't get you stoned. You're probably thinking, "Wait, what?" But it's true. THC-A on its own is non-intoxicating. Only when you apply heat (like when you're smoking or vaping), it transforms into THC through a process called decarboxylation.

But THC-A isn't just a prelude to THC. It's got its own perks. There's ongoing research suggesting that THC-A might have a bunch of potential therapeutic benefits.

What is THC-JD?

THCjd is a cannabinoid that’s naturally produced in hemp plants. However, it wasn’t until recently that our industry granted us the technology to discover rare cannabinoids like THCjd.

We’ll get to the effects later, but it’s worth noting that THCjd is significantly stronger than the traditional, primary psychoactive cannabinoid Delta-9 THC.

Why? The answer is very scientifically intricate. On a molecular level, Delta-9 THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, has a 5-carbon sidechain. That might mean nothing until you realize that THCjd, also known as tetrahydrocannabioctyl, has an 8-carbon side chain.

These major differences are the core reason THCjd produces such unique and powerful effects, so strap in and enjoy!

What is THC-P?

THCP is a recently discovered cannabinoid that’s found at very low levels in some strains of hemp, and can be produced in a laboratory by altering legal hemp-derived CBD. It was found accidentally by Italian researchers in 2019 during analysis of a particular hemp strain.

The full name for THC-P is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol, which is sometimes shortened to delta 9 THCP or THC-heptyl. Abbreviations include THCP, THC-P, and THCp. One retailer calls it delta-p.

After the smashing commercial success of delta 8, the cannabis industry has found a variety of hemp-derived cannabinoids capable of competing with the delta 9 THC in traditional marijuana. These cannabinoids—delta 8, delta 10, and HHC—are all popular in the diverse cannabis marketplace, and THCP is ready to join them.

While THCP may provide a potent new high for recreational users, researchers have barely begun to explore the potential of THCP.

THCP is an organic cannabinoid (or phytocannabinoid) very similar to delta 9 THC!

Fast Shipping on Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, THC-P, and Nootropics from Cincinnati, Ohio!

Want to buy Delta 8 in Cincinnati, Ohio?. You can expect only top quality cannabinoids, whether it's a THC-P Disposable, or a delicious Delta 9 gummy, you can bet that we've researched it, tested it, and decided it's worthy to be listed on Sky High. Our customer service reps are always standing by to make sure you get recommendations, support, help using your devices.