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Colección: Dazed

From the manufacturer:

Where Science Meets Art: Our Mission

With our extensive history in hemp derived products, Dazed8 aims to not only provide the purest product, but educate the consumer every step of the way. Since we are truly single sourced, we are able to break down each step of the extraction process for our consumers so that they can understand their product and know exactly where it came from. Our staff believes in innovation and will continue to keep our line fresh and unique to all other brands. 

Why Dazed8

Transparency is our top priority. While other brands cut and dilute their products to save a buck, we value creating lifelong relationships with our customers. Being one of the only brands who are truly single sourced, Dazed8 has the ability to guarantee the highest quality and consistency. With no cutting agents, pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents, our customers can be at ease knowing that Dazed8 is a safe and premium brand.