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Colección: Buy THC-P

THCP for sale at Sky High

THCP is a novel cannabinoid that has grabbed the attention of a lot of experienced cannabis users. Many online retailers, smoke shops, and dispensaries don’t have a large selection of THCp available for sale because it is a rare cannabinoid that sells extremely quickly and it is hard to keep stock. We believe that THCp is one of the best cannabinoids and try our best to keep a healthy supply of THCp in stock at all times.

About THC-P

For a long time, it was believed that THCp is a synthetic cannabinoid. In recent years, researchers and distributors have found that it is possible to isolate THCp naturally from sativa plants. THC-P is closely related to Delta 9 THC, the cannabinoid most people associate with the head-high effects of cannabis. THC-P is significantly stronger than Delta 9 THC – some estimate as much as 30 times stronger. Despite being stronger than Delta 9 THC, THC-P is protected by the legislation of the 2018 farm bill. While individual state legislation varies, there are states where you can legally buy THC-P vapes, and we deliver to them!

Why Sky High Is The Leading THC-P Seller online

Sky High is a quality Cannabis Shop in West Chester that delivers cannabinoids like THC-P around the country. We have knowledgeable staff that can help you find the perfect cannabinoid for your needs. We have a large selection of THC-P products for sale including THC-P disposables, gummies, pre-rolls, and cartridges. We have THC-P for sale online and in stores at our location in West Chester. We offer free shipping nationwide on all orders over $60(we can only ship where the products are legal)!

Recommended Products

The most common way of consuming THC-P is vaping. One of the most prominent THC-P vapes is made by Looper Vapes, but all of the THC-P vapes we carry and all of our other THC-P products for sale can be trusted.

Need Help With Your Order?

For assistance with your order or for questions about THC-P or any of our cannabinoid products, reach the Sky High team online or call us at 888-986-1136.